5 Things You Need To Heal From Childhood To Have Spiritual Fulfillment

Every kid is learned skills and abilities to survive in a society. It doesn’t matter if the family is rich or poor. Most families teach their kids the best way to survive when they get older (usually over 18) and get good money out of it.

Now, there is one vital thing parents forget to mention.

People are not bodies. People are souls controlling a body. When you teach a child that he needs to accumulate things to sustain his body, instead to focus on his spiritual fulfillment, whatever talent he has (and I’ve seen 10 years old talents drawing like Michelangelo) it will fade away.

Now you have a kid oriented to sustain his physical abilities, whose soul is lost. You’ve made a robot whose thoughts are highly oriented over profit, and we know what kind of filthy stuff people do for profit.

This kid will never have his thoughts go beyond survival. He is simply limited.

And then, all of a sudden, we learn from spiritual teachers and self-improvement books that money are not the crucial thing for success, or fulfillment in life. Now we begin to think, what the hell is going on?

The healing process begins:

1. We are all made from energyEnergy_ball2

I think telling this sentence to a 5 years old kid, and explaining the following will change his life. Maybe he will be confused at first, but after he will learn the most important lesson in his life.

These days it is fancy to say ‘high vibrations’, but that’s the exact happiness, we vibrating on a higher frequency. That’s how the magnet works (some call it law of attraction).

When we feel sad, the whole body vibrations lose its frequency, and you can even see in a person’s sad face. The muscles lose agility and start to drop.

The first thing we heal is this: seek for energy instead of full pockets! Something that lifts our inside! Everything brings money, don’t worry about that. I’m sure some carpenters make more money than doctors.

Off the record: do you know what makes a woman beautiful? Her shiny smile. You may get ‘fishes’ in your net with your beauty, but on a long term, men seek energy.

There it is ladies, now you know what we seek in a girl!

2. Don’t rush anything

I call them “Late Bloomers.”

In most families happen: “ok now you are bla bla years old, you should get a job and be on your own”, or “ok, now you are bla bla years old and you should marry.” Some of it it’s true.

You are bla bla years old and you should be on your own. How? That’s none of anyone’s business.

There comes a time in your life when you have to pay for your s*it. That’s the part of growing up. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

There is no rule nor general law when or how should things be going. Every individual has a perfect time to marry or get the spiritual job.

Know when it’s your time to pay for your bills, but have it done by fulfilling your spirit. We have to acknowledge that fulfilling our spirit will always get us most money, if that’s what we want to hear.

Everyone has a perfect time to learn and do. Don’t rush without the details.

3. Identify yourself through experimenting

I was never told to experiment when I was a child, nor that I should find myself through it.

To get the final answer of what makes you vibrate on higher energy, you, my dear friend, have to experiment.

I will tell you my example:

I was working on a car mechanic, then I was in Germany doing labor job, and before I begin with my website, I was working in a fresh bar. None of those things fulfilled me spiritually. They only drained me and gave me money to survive. On my last job I was so halfhearted, that I couldn’t even stand being myself! Even my mirror showed another person.

I mean, I know I was tired, but not that much. Then all the negative energy came to me in a tiny cubic box. I had to crush it and take the risk.

I began working on this website since 2013 and I’ve worked since without any profit! But when I quit everything, and started pursuing this ‘online dream’, I started making 4 times more from what I was making, in just 2 months! This is what I truly want to do. You can even see it in my eyes in person when I talk about motivation and internet marketing.

If you are half way through your journey (example: on doing a labor job in Germany) keep searching for your spirit. Believe me, you will know it when you find it. It will be damn hard, but you’ll just know that you do the right thing.

Your spirit will tell you.

4. We have survival instinct instilled in our sprit

You know why I love German type of raising a child? They have this part.

You turn 18, you get kick in your butt, and you are on your own. This is what happened to me a bit later.

In life, as we mentioned, there comes a time when we have to pay for our bills. And this is the time when love cross the boundaries. We are being loved too much to let go, so we are being kept as safe as we can.

In those exact moments, our survival instinct dies.

Now our parents have 20 years old little baby, crying in a toy store, wanting for the biggest, the most expensive robot. And we keep getting the toys, just to make us happy. We are not given the chance to raise our wings.

Every human being have the survival instinct in him. It’s like shackles that need to be unraveled.

Every time you get in deep ‘excrement’ know that you will activate your instinct. When you know it’s not going to be ‘ok’ you get extra support from your spirit.

Give more credit to yourself. Lift up your confidence. You get support from every part of your soul. Get that spirit up!

5. Get out of your comfort zone!

What I’ve been always told is to keep it safe.

I wasn’t told to attack my fears when I sense they are the ones standing my way. I wasn’t told to talk to random girls if I sense the energy, or just talk to a stranger to make a simple conversation! I wasn’t told that adventure is not a safe thing!

We are not told to activate the instincts, to get more out of our ears, mouth and all senses. We are being told to get a good education and have a good job. That’s it!

See, these things we are not being told are the food for the spirit. The spirit wants thrilling stuff. He doesn’t want food, sleep, or water. That’s what your body wants to function better. Your spirit want to experience, something you get out of your safety circle.

Take the leap of faith. You don’t know kind of treasury you are going to find on your next adventure.

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