7 Ways To Attract Infinite Abundance: How To Make Your Wishes Come True?

Two weeks ago I went out to chill out my head with a friend.

On some traffic lights, we have gypsies that clean the windshield and ask for a nickel or to spare some change.

My friend had 15 denars ( close to 25 cents) and gave them to the gypsy.

It came to me to ask him a simple question: why do you give him money?

He answered:

“Well, you know brother, good will come to me too!”

I think that answer was total cr*p.

If we believe that good will come to us as an ‘action-reaction’, or something what people might think it’s karma, but it’s completely different perspective, we are awfully wrong.

It’s what I call the nature of things.

Was it fair that Tsunami hit Thailand and Shri Lanka? Or was it karma that the Nuclear Bombs hit the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? Or was it fair that millions of people died during the WW1 and WW2? Off the record, we are talking about games a lot bigger than karma and fairness, and they surely affect the whole world.

There were people who lost their lives back in those days (at least a few) who helped charities and gave a nickel to homeless on the streets.

So what is fair in this equation?

By giving such harsh examples, we got up on a wrong foot, but the harsh of the universe is not even close to those examples.

So let’s start exposing the ‘un-natural’ ways why we have capacity to unravel things that are way above nature.

The nature of things, which is not a “one good for one good back” will be expanded in 7 ways to attract infinite abundance and make your wishes come true.

1. “The abundance of the universe is my infinite source”

If you plant a tree, the universe is not going transform that tree into money, or luck, or even a food product, unless you believe that what you did was good.

My friend in the example with the gypsy thinks that giving a quarter will give him a better job in his life, or “maybe” that he will find 10 Euros on the way home.

This is what we call a “matter of circumstance” where he needs to deserve a better job, or be at a particular time when a guy slips 10 Euros of his pocket and my friend would be the next lucky guy who passes behind the poor fella.

The universe gives to people who have deep core values, who work hard enough to get a better job, and never rely on money who fall from someone else’s pocket.

The universe will give you if you have what it takes in your mindset.

If you do good, it won’t return the favor if you don’t believe that giving a quarter makes you a better person. What you do is never material.


What you do is spiritual, giving your eyes a better view over the world.

Your quarter, or even millions in charity, are not going to give you bright future if you don’t believe that the universe has infinite source for those who know that everything they do is to see the world with better perspective, instead of wondering why the charity investment didn’t make them feel more alive, or give them blessings in return.

2. “The river of life never stops flowing”

In the physical world we judge beauty on the short term visualization, but when we realize, all we seek is for someone who is full of life on the long term (speaking of relationship partners.)

Also, in good friendship, we seek for people who support life, or the embrace the glorious mess that we are, as Elizabeth Gilbert quotes it.

Until our body supports us, we will always have life, until one day it suddenly stops. As Steve Jobs said in his commencement speech: “others will come and take our place.”

Life never stops because the energy that flows never stops. We discuss about us as unity, but as individual it’s whole different story.

To attract life in us, we need to percept that we, as unity, are never ending life. No matter what you do now, the world will continue. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. You are already naked.

Use every hour, every second of the day to attract life in you, so you can spread that flow with the world. And no, a quarter won’t do that for you, but your own mind.

Even if you don’t do it, the world will continue to exist. So what do you have to lose? You can be whatever you want, if you dare to sweat your armpits.

So answer the question: is it worth to spend my life being the best version of myself, or do completely wrong things for the sake of others, or any insignificance?

3. “Good comes to me from unexpected avenues”

In the worst times, there are unusual course of thoughts that elevate our spirit and push us to keep moving forward, as Sylvester Stallone says in “Rocky Balboa”.

Even better, in the worst times there are usual course of thoughts that elevate our spirit and push us to keep moving forward. And it’s not that quarter!

You see, when you want to do something so desperately, you will build up mindset (sometimes physical capability) to achieve that thing no matter what the nature of things says about it.

Doctors and scientists said that 4 minute mile was mission impossible. They said that the human body would burst below that time. Roger Bannister broke that law.

The good that comes from unexpected avenues is the road that twists what’s possible.

If we are willing to sacrifice time for an ideal, we can open good flow from trillions of unexpected avenues.

Again, it’s not what you think you deserve. It’s what you do along the way to deserve that thing.

4. “I now open my mind to receive my good”


Accidentally, or by purpose, we interpret things inaccurate.

If we open our mind to receive good, should that quarter be a good investment in your good?

Well, coming back to the previous point we give things to make us a better person by helping people who receive the things we give. That could be happiness, good emotion, or something of physical value.

If you see it this way, your mind expands, which makes you open-minded. It’s a funny example how Blake Richman makes himself open minded person.

However, rich minded people expand their views and see the world with different eyes.

Happiness is followed by receiving good. Even if something bad happens to you, you won’t perceive it that way.

Failure can be a two way street: something that makes you stronger, or a total defeat that will stop your growth.

Open-minded people see the good coming to them. Some people miss it because they are too busy looking on the smart phones. And that’s no accident. We deliberately do that.

So open your eyes wide, and your ears wider. Read more, learn more, and aim to raise your frequency of vibration.

5. “Nothing is too good to be true”

Thinking that “this is too good to be true” f*cked me so many times, that I firmly believe the only thing too good to be true is nothing.

It made me think that what I see coming to me is too much for me, or I am no worth it.

This scam, false reality, is made up from deep insecurity. We deserve the good coming to us, even if it doesn’t seem real.

We can only connect the dots in the past, we cannot connect them in the future. So the future belongs to no man, and definitely to no plan. That’s why we have so many plan B’s.

If you look in the past, and look precisely, you will see thousands of sudden moves brought you to this exact place.

So don’t slip on the next “too good” thinking that you don’t deserve it. Get it with both hands. Grab your “5 minutes.”

6. “I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous increase”


“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

Fear and danger have their own philosophy, and we confuse them frequently.

Fear comes in many shapes and forms, but the base of the concept stays the same.

Fear is unrealistic perception of life, while danger is very realistic.

Walking in the savannah, thinking a lion might attack you is fear, while on the other hand, seeing a lion on your sight going forcefully in your direction, is danger.

What we confuse is the unrealistic perception of life, thinking fear will cause real danger when in 99% of the cases there is no real danger.

Just observe how you feel when you overcome you fear despite what your brain alerts as real danger. You feel free.

After that you know nothing can cause you trouble again. But this has expiration date if we don’t do it continuously.

There is no remedy to be fearless, because there’s no such a thing as fearless. I used to motivate myself with the word “f*ck it”, but it doesn’t work the same for everyone.

Know that fear will prevail all your life, but don’t fear it anyway. The moment you overcome fear is the moment when life rewards you with values and treasures that no money can buy.

7. “The universe provides for me in wondrous ways and I am grateful”

The universe provides for us just by existing! Nature supports us endlessly. What was the last time you thought about that?

The mechanism of the universe is interconnected and everything works perfect. It supports us with every piece we need to sustain healthy, vigorous life.

But we, as humans tend to destroy. As Agent Smith says in “The Matrix.”

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague.”

The general population is not grateful for what they have until they lose it. And in the end, they saw so many things passing them by, that the only way to confess was to the nurse on their deathbeds.

Yes, and a nurse even shared the top 5 regrets people had on their deathbed.

You already possess what you need, you only need a little shift of perception.

Turn around the corner, see things from that point of view. If it doesn’t seem right, turn from another corner.

You will be amazed how the same things you used to see look different from another vantage point.



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