Skeletons Hug, Kiss, And Dance Before A Crowd. When They Step Out From The Screen I’m Smiling!

It all boils down to one general truth: Love Has No Labels!

Love doesn’t recognize bodies, no matter the skin color, height, nor weight. Our emotions bound to another emotions, and what’s more important, in love with another soul. Every physical attraction is just another blasphemy.

We, as people, have acquired automatic response over people. We are so quick to judge that we haven’t even seen their shoes (not to speak about walking in them!)

It all boils down to Love. People are afraid to love, maybe selfish, because love gives a part of your soul to another soul. You create something higher, a sense of oneness. You can even feel your loved one near you without knowing, like a higher power punting magnet between the two of you.

The point is, love is the universe. Before me ‘writing a whole book’ about love, watch this tremendous video:

You don’t want to miss Robin Williams speech on Good Will Hunting

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