Every Day She Said ‘Hello’ To This Homeless Man. But One Day He Handed Her THIS Piece Of Paper…

Hope is the heaviest weight a man can carry … It is the bane of the idealist.

These words were written by the old poet Raimundo.

“When I saw Raimundo for the first time, he gave me one of his poems” says Shalla.”From that moment he started to be a part of my life.”

After 35 years spent on his so-called “the island” Raimundo wrote short stories and beautiful poems.

After half of his life writing stories, Raimundo was noticed by remarkably generous woman name Shalla.

She felt like she needed to put out his writings so she created Facebook page and shared his writings with the world.

Once his writings were noticed, one person stepped out of the shadow, and when you see him, you’ll be be startled …

Make it full screen and enjoy this touchy video!

Video from: Facebook Stories

Raimundo Facebook Page

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