4 Tactics The Government Use To Control People With Religion. Nope! We Are NOT Falling For That!

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”― Dalai Lama XIV

Isn’t it a bit sarcastic to have ‘In god we trust’ written on a thing most people die for – money?

The other name of the global rules can be translated “because I said so.”

Don’t we all feel like the rules are building a fence around us? They are made to ‘kill’ the individual, instead of building it up. But without them, the world will transform in the Wild Wild West. So what can we do about it?

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

We firmly know that all religions indicate goodness in this world. They all say one thing, but it’s far from that thing what government does to raise power over people.

The following ways precisely explain why government cherish so much spirituality and religion, while they are the least to apply it.


1. They use people as sheep’s by embracing religion

Yes! They make us eat from the same pasture, while in the wilderness there are green forests we can only imagine.

There are so much bad things written on lying in the holy books, it makes me guilty watching and believing the news! I can even hear that from my grandmother: “these sc*ms are lying”

It’s pretty simple what they do: “listen to this crap, killings on the street, we protect our nation, we give this and that, bla bla; all for one thing: VOTE FOR US!

When I see cops I feel guilty somehow (and no I have nothing to be afraid of. I am the sport-ish type). They don’t provide feeling of safety anymore. And I’ve discussed this with 25 people; they all say the same.

Don’t get me wrong again. Being spiritual and holding on one holy deity gives tremendous motivation and hope, just like a guidance, but don’t be stupid enough to believe what your government says. That game “of high stakes” attract cheaters. It’s like a corrupted casino.

2. They use the rules of the religions

Life is lot more uglier (yes that’s the exact word) than what religion rules claim.

Imagine when you were a kid, and playing with your new Batman toy. If the toy moved and jumped around the house, it wouldn’t be so easy to play with, right? But when it’s ‘just a toy’ it’s easy for you to take it, play with the legs or jump with it. You have overall control on it.

The same toy are “us” as human beings, not knowing that we hold the true power!

As Russell Brand said to this guy:

“Our government’s got loads of countries, it has a human rights abusers list, where it says these countries are dangerous countries, you shouldn’t go there, they’re dodgy, there’s dangerous terrorists there. And then our actual government helps arms companies to sell weaponry to those countries.

If you really care about this and the situation, then don’t sell weapons to these countries – don’t arm them, or if you think business is more important that people’s lives, just sell the weapons and shut up.”

They boast one minute silence for the dead, which THEY send to fight for their personal gain of power. I don’t want to accept it too, but that’s what actually happens. It’s a circle to make us fight over religion, to get money from selling weapons and get natural treasures from countries around the world. And then they say “pray the lord” with that filthy mouth.

3. Religion is not total calmness

It didn’t pass much time when I had the last time getting nervous by meditating. That’s when I knew meditation is not what everyone says it is. There was something really wrong about what I did.

Everything I’ve followed was to calm myself down while the whole future is in front of me. What was I doing?! Getting myself calm for things I should take in my hands.

People should not get calm (I mean not externally). One human should be in action, doing things he loves. We have a vision that needs to be presented in this world through action. And time is the most valuable resource. While we think 80 years are enough, they pass in a blink of an eye.

Be filled with excitement to what you’re about to do next. Somehow I feel they want so much people to be spiritual and religions, that it is used to brainwash us to calm ourselves down and kill the fire in us. Don’t let them do that.

4. They use faith as a “false faith”

We don’t have to be super smart to know that they are lying. The news are always telling us things we don’t want to know, rarely the truth.

I firmly believe faith is something very personal, even if it’s directed to a deity. We get that faith from something supernatural, giving us power to pursue in the worst days of adversity.

Don’t every rely on faith if it’s given by government. No one is going to do anything for you. Everyone should be religious in one way or another, but be aware what your rulers have on your head and how they use the “halo” to control you.

Extra: They know reality surpass the rules

The government is the first to know this. How many things have been leaked and shown that they lie on a major scale? How many reporters died discovering their secrets? Life of a person is so tiny compared to their major plans.

The reality of the world is beautiful and ugly. It’s in our persons point of view to decide that.

What’s real for them, and their secret conversations, is really the ugly truth. And we choose those rulers to tell us what we can and cannot do. They make what’s real for us, and the exact reality is nothing but a black hole to suck our lives so we can give one more “check” on the voting papers.

Make your own reality, live in your own code. It’s impossible to avoid being ruled in a country, but (returning to the first sentence) “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”

Note: This is my personal theory. It doesn’t apply any concrete facts or statements.

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