5 Methods You Keep Avoiding Every Day That Improve Your Quality Of Life

Me and You wake up every day trying to solve the mystery of life.

Okay, maybe you don’t search for any perfect formula to solve the riddle of life, or a million dollar pill that will completely heal people hangovers, but at least you try to improve your life on a daily bases.

You lack something, and you know it’s obvious, but you kind of get to the edge of pursuing it, completely positive, and you decide not to.

Well let me tell you something. You don’t want to get a drop on you, but you want to dance in the rain. That’s the ascension, the spirituality, the improvement, and the quality of life you seek for every day under every stone.

As Zig Ziglar says: “positive thinking wont let you do anything. No matter how positive you are, you cannot win a boxing champion, you cannot play football in the NFL, you cannot get in the NBA.”

So save your positive thinking in the process. It’s always a good plus to be positive, but it will get you nowhere if positivity stands alone.

Why is that?

Well, let’s cut the pieces of the pie in 5 methods that will improve your quality of life and get you better every day of your life.

Improve Quality of Life

1. You don’t have your eyes on the prize (the method of clear goal)

Your brain is the most extraordinary organ you have. It heals people’s feet after they’ve been said they could never walk; it gives people life after they’ve been said they will die in a month; and it gave people something not yet scientifically proven: it gave people power to overcome the impossible.

The brain needs a leader that will show the way, or the picture of what you want to accomplish. By putting pictures on your wall you see every morning, you give commands to your brain. It takes your lead.

Now, you can wake up, and open your social networks and see all sorts of cats walking like humans, or falling from balconies in trash cans, but that’s not going to keep your eyes on the prize.

The brain sucks images, things, and situations. It just takes pictures and saves them on your “private desktop.”

If you don’t lead in a pointing direction, it will be led in a blind street looking a way out. And it might never be able to find it …

You need to wake up every day and feed your brain with your short, and long term goals and visions.

Limit your exposure to things that don’t matter.

Make a decision within yourself that you have direction, you are wise, and you will do ANYTHING possible to see your vision in the real world.

If you want to be the best boxer in the world obsess yourself with training and getting comfortable in your self-masochism.

Either it’s physical or mental, you have to keep in mind that every bigger goal is stressful, not always happy, and lot harder than you imagine. But once you overcome difficulties, they fall in a quicksand, and only the good ones stay with you forever. It’s called experience.

2. You let everything get to you (the method of focus)

On this one, you’ll need focus.

It was couple of years ago, I had one banal accident with a girl in a market. I was waiting in line with my bags and she passed and pushed me forcefully.

It wasn’t nearly as important as I let it be important.

I was thinking the rudeness for over 3 hours in my head. It made me realize how easy and unstable I am my mindset. I was lacking focus.

My journal and the clear goals I wrote every day focused me not to take part in ANY of the unnecessary situations in my life.

For this stunt, you need to be willing to sacrifice your wasted time with productive time.

Many times going out, celebrating something you don’t know what, will take both, your health and productive time.

Nowadays the biggest time stealer is social networks. If you have that problem you will have to make restrictions to visit your social networks in every spare minute you have. It takes your focus and the time you have to clear your mind.

In order to get your focus together, you must not let everything get to you. Especially not rude lady in a market!

3. You waste your time to be peoples servant (the method of self-appreciation)

There comes a period in your life when you feel like a dead body to a pack of wolves.

Everyone tries to grad your time. Either to spend time to talk, chill, help, hangout, or give you a business proposal.

Now, it definitely will fulfill each of those people if you accept to obey, but the picture in your head (what we talked about in number 1) gets teared apart in pieces.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”― Warren Buffett

No matter how much people need you, or pretend to need you just to spend some time, you are more important. It’s not cocky. It’s a must.

You can choose to help people, or each of the following, but you have to keep your focus on your goals and dreams. You have to say no more than you say yes to external requests.

And remember, not always people call for help it’s actually help they need. Sometimes not ‘helping’ people by giving them finances or similar things might be the best thing that has happened to them. It depends on the situation.

4. You connect the dots upwards (the method of process)

How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

This spiritual joke gives a clear explanation of what we are about to discuss.

What you have in mind as a picture and a vision of your future has nothing to do with you knowing how to get there.

You may want a million dollars and you can get it by winning the lottery, or earning the money for 30 years. Either way your picture is fulfilled, but you had no idea how to get them. It’s called the method of process.

As you start something new, you have no idea what kind of way it will pave.

I can tell you that sometimes just by deciding and waking up earlier makes you healthier. You’ll start to go to bed early, you’ll get the morning healthy breeze of air, you’ll start to activate your metabolism earlier and whole lot of different things that will change your whole life … just by getting up early.

This was just an example to show you how bigger difference you can make by making such a small decision.

You don’t have to think on the subject too much. Just have your eyes on the prize and don’t be surprised by anything on the way. Your plans will never completely work out. Sometimes not even a bit, but that doesn’t mean anything if you have a clear picture in your head.

Your reticular cortex will help you massively with this.

5. You don’t laugh and play enough (the method of mental and physical health)

Viktor Frankel, the founder of Logotherapy, who knew more than most about the depths to which humanity can sink, said, ““Humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, if only for a few seconds.”

Those “few seconds” are the doors that let spirituality in. This is a truth understood by great religious leaders and practitioners.

Laughing is not just an act of moving your mouth. Laughing is a serious thing which leads to higher mental and physical health.

As Nikola Tesla perfectly describes in this interview: “the trouble is that people are too serious. If they were not, they would be happier and much longer would have lived.” He also says: “write that Mr. Tesla played. He played the whole of his life and enjoyed it.”

Chinese proverb says that the seriousness reduces life.

Play more! Enjoy your life! Everything you do is a game, albeit a very serious one, just like the laughter!

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