5 Obvious Mistakes Between Fixed and Growth Mindset

Every so often we hit the ‘wall of life.’ By this I state that we have blockage instead of growth. We look under every stone and tree to find the solution. We even look inside our own mind, not figuring it’s the set we have switched off.

As this guy precisely describes how in “Groundhog day” we get to live the same day all over again and have the same outcome, until one day we switch our mind to think on a whole different scale.

The mistakes between fixed and growth mindset are obvious (yet hardly bearable) and will definitely prove that we all have to make ‘the leap of faith’ mentally.Growth-v-Fixed

1. Challenges – avoid vs. embrace challenges

We get this. It’s the simples thing we’ve heard. Yet we choose to evade challenges on the way.

Why do we keep avoiding challenges? It’s pretty simple.

For the same comfort we eat junk food, we are too lazy to work out, we are too lethargic to finish that project and we are too lazy to start and pursue that million dollar idea.

These things are all the same. It’s the same battle in every sphere. You just don’t eat the forbidden apple. Once you bite it, you’ve failed!

And why do we keep avoiding even after all we know?

Because it’s lot more easier to find excuses. It’s just a couple of words we say, internally or to our friends and colleagues as to why we cannot do it.

We can sleep 5 more minutes. No one says we can’t. And the craziest thing is that those 5 minutes are far more better than 8 hours of sleep. But those exact 5 minutes prove your commitment to face adversities and challenges.

If you don’t accept the first step to embrace the challenge ahead, don’t even bother to read the rest. The real deal starts with the former rule of Growth Mindset.

2. Obstacles – give up easily vs. persist in the face of setbacks

We all started websites, me and my friends.

The guy that gave us website courses told us we would make helluva money in no time. And so we pursued to work on the web projects. After all we were just kids, and money was the main goal.

In 2-3 months, we figured out this was no mambo jumbo. It was the same thing as having a business, and money didn’t came. Not at all.

Three months passed, and only me and my friend stayed on track (2 out of 5). For two freaking years we kept working for a couple of dollars per month.

But we had something different than the rest. We just couldn’t stand the fact that these websites don’t work for us. It just wasn’t reality, nor we had any plans to accept it.

Two years passed and we heard lot of negative feedback’s from our friends and family. One day it all changed for us both.

After two years of trying, setbacks and failures, me and my friend finally got the first gigantic outcome.

It was the first time I felt on my skin that no matter how much it takes, if you keep doing a single task with passion, desire, and endless force, you will get revenue!

Now, I firmly know that everything I do, and keep on smashing adversities along with it, I will succeed at it. And it keeps getting easier.

The bottom line is, when you chase the money, and the big paychecks on your bank account, you will get neither, unless you love what you do to stand long enough to see it become part of your life.

Believe me on this. I guarantee you will make filthy money off your job, if you just find what you love to work.

Otherwise obstacles will be the matador and you will be the bull. They will keep stabbing you in your back, until you raise your hands and wave the white flag.

3. Effort – fruitless or worse vs. the path to mastery

For many people a marathon seems like a nut job, while the only nut is your mindset running that 26.2 miles on a  sunny day.



We’ve got to have the conscious stubbornness, because we never know if we can do it or not. It’s always the unknown, the infinite tunnel.

You may finish one hard task now, or do one tomorrow, but you never know the outcome.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. – Steve Jobs

That’s why we learn, evolve. We create a path to mastery.

Every next time you will throw the dot’s a little bit closer, so you can connect them easier.

Starting a task, facing challenges, and pushing the effort in a given direction can only be done if you love your job.

4. Criticism – ignore useful negative feedback vs. learn from criticism

Nobody is born an expert, nor we are born with pen in our hands. As long as we live, we learn.


As Jack Ma says in this speech. We have to find a mentor. A person who will fix our mistakes by giving us useful feedback. We are not the smartest, nor the best in our area of expertise. Even if we are, we’ll keep doing the mistakes, so we can learn to be better.

It this elastic world, we are located in time of constant change. Nothing is the same as yesterday. Maybe not even the same as the previous minute! Things change like the weather now.

It is important to keep track internally. There are critics that don’t bring any spiritual growth, but those, too, are things to learn from.

Take criticism seriously, but not personally. – Hillary Clinton

This quote is worth a thought!

5. Success of Others – feel threatened by the success of others vs. find lessons and inspiration in the success of others

When you run a marathon, you would never be as fast as trying to outrun the person in front of you.

If you’ve seen or run a marathon, people run in groups together and faster.

Faster because they somehow create one big master mind bonding them and giving them power to run faster than they do solo. I call it “the dragging technique.”

Having more successful people around you is the same as a marathon. Unless you have better opponent, you wouldn’t be able to see if there is any further you can go, or faster.

There’s no thrill in being the only one running a marathon, or making PR on 100 meters.

If you feel threatened by the success of others, you are afraid of doing what you do, and unstable on your position. Your personal trust is getting threatened by external factors, instead of being inspired by it.

If anyone outrun you, don’t see his outsides. Figure out how he does things different than you. Be curious in that direction, instead of the suit he/she wears.

As a result of fixed mindset, people may plateau early and achieve less that their full potential. All the things above will confirm a deterministic view of the world.

But with growth mindset, people will reach ever-higher levels of achievement. All of the things above gives them a greater sense of free will.

These are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

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