YOU Don’t Know What Gratefulness Is Until You SEE THIS!

Today is the only gift given to you, and your only appropriate response is gratefulness.

By watching this video, my response to this day is like no one before!

If we can really treat every day like it was our last day, or our first day of our lives, we cannot even imagine how much we can accomplish in one day.

Today is not just another day. It’s a gift we all have. Just because every day we’re given the same time, it doesn’t make it ordinary. It’s a GIFT! Don’t treat your time as a spare change. Treat it like it’s the only thing you got, because it definitely is!

This video will shift your perception of time to a WHOLE new level!

A Moving Art original short. This inspirational video was well responded at TED conferences and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg motivates those around him as happiness is revealed. Spoken word and music montage created and composed by Gary Malkin. Narration written and spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.

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