Homeless Man Sits Quietly On Train. What This Stranger Does To Him Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

This video will completely restore your faith in humanity. It’s just heartwarming!

It’s more than great to see nice people do great deeds for people who can’t do it themselves.

I feel compassion for this type of individuals, such as this homeless man.

It’s really hard to step out of that boundary, when you are on the other side of compassion, because as kids we’re not selfish. On the contrary, we are born givers. Why does it matter if you give one shirt to a person that has a life depending on it?

People become selfish, they are not like that naturally. We suck so many opinions from erred way of thinking that we keep everything for us. We accumulate so many, just to realize that we need far more less in order to be happy, and that positive emotions don’t hide under a piece of paper.

This is what it looks like to have a warm heart!

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