These 3 Things Govern Our Reality, And They All Affect Our Consciousness

As we look out into the world around us, all we can really see is the agreements we have made about what reality is. We have agreements with ourselves and with others about what the world around us is.

An automobile is made of parts, parts are made of materials, materials are made by combining elements, elements are made of atoms, sub atoms, quirks, quarks, energy.

As we zoom in to the world we look out into, we can see many things that we agree are real. Although we are in agreement, some of these things we’ve never even actually seen ourselves, such as atoms. But we trust in the agreement we made in ourselves that people who know about things like atoms can be taken for their word.

The parts, lists and instructions that we all agree to, are only a way to describe reality, they are not the reality itself.

The automobile would be unchanged completely, even if these descriptions were to change entirely. No one can describe reality in a way that would make it any different than it actually is. All we can change is the description. 

What Governs Your Reality

Our inner scientist is our ego, it works to explain the world around it with it’s own set of describing words.

The voice inside our head that tells us about good, bad, need, want, worthy, guilty, sad, happy, scared, angry, meaningful, uninteresting, and wasted. These descriptions don’t change our reality in any way; instead they change how we feel about our reality.

It is important to stop and meditate on the idea that these descriptions are not actually our reality. They are only descriptions of our reality. You have tied yourself emotionally to something that is not real, and because it is not real it can be changed.

There are spiritual practitioners who work to untie themselves from any and every description of reality. This may not be your purpose. You might just be drawn to the desire to change the particular description you are tied to.

Changing Your Reality

In the same way that our society can change it’s mind.

We can also change our individual mind.

We collectively no longer think of the earth as flat, we now think it’s round. When that agreement changed, the earth didn’t curl up into a ball. It stayed exactly as it was.

The actual events and things happening in your life can stay the same while you decide to be happy or while you decide to be unhappy. This is because happiness is not inside the event. It is only a description of the event.

Although it often seems, as though we need the things we have or the things that happen to us to change before we can be happy, this is not actually true. All we need to do to be happy, is change our minds about how we feel, about the things and events that we already have.

Once we do that, the things and events may improve or they may worsen, but that doesn’t matter because how we feel (how we describe our reality) is the only thing we can control.

The happiness or unhappiness you have, is a decision that you make about how you describe your reality. The happiness or unhappiness you have is completely in your control. You already have everything you need to be happy or unhappy. Nothing that happens in your life has the power to make you happy, or unhappy.

The Easiest Thing To Do, To Be Happy

Luckily for us, how we feel is also the only thing we need to control to be happy. This is why money cannot buy you happiness (although Harvard prof disagrees) and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s also why you can go to a third world country and see happy people, even though they have what you may perceive as very little to be happy about.

If happiness was found inside events and things, then only certain people would be able to achieve happiness, and everyone who had things and events would be happy.

People often have the inherent understanding that this concept is true. However our scientists haven’t had a good way to describe it.

Our collective consciousness has been moving our people in the direction of individual spiritual awakening. This is because our society is in a time where it needs to understand that happiness is not found in things and events. This is because our individual and collective pursuit of things and events, are at a point where they are destroying what keeps us alive.

Our collective consciousness is trying to save our lives.

By Darren Schilling on Evolving Beings

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