THIS Is The ONLY Reason Why Humans Are The MOST Successful Animals On This Planet!

We inhale toxic gases and drink toxic fluids.

Our foremost method for hunting was the method of perseverance. This means that we used to hunt our prey until it loses all of his energy and dies from tiredness.

Also, we can survive on almost any type of food while we hunt, which means we never have to stop until we take down our prey. Even if we had no chance of finding food in the surroundings, our body starts to eat itself. This makes another excellent skill for hunting we developed through the evolution.

The human body can go without oxygen for about five to ten minutes, and about three to eight days without water. But remarkably, people have been known to live upwards of 70 days without food.

By definition, starvation is a process. Our bodies are not like cars which immediately shut down when they’re out of gas. When we experience prolonged low energy intake, and as long as water is available, our bodies enter into a successive series of metabolic modes. It’s the body’s way of recognizing that food is scarce, and that it needs to re-allocate resources in preparation for what could be an extended period. In essence, your body is buying you some valuable time to give you a fair chance of finding some food.

We walk straight, we sweat, and we don’t have much hair. This allows us to balance our body’s temperature. Cold or hot, weather was not serious hunting problem. In worst case scenario, we can stand massive damages on our limbs, lose half of our blood, and we can still be alive!

Our existence relies on our perseverance, endurance and determination!

When we determine ourselves to do something, we do everything to make that feasible. That will always be a part of us and it will continue to be until the last day of our existence. The problem is that some people become lethargic and satisfy with much less.

332 years B.C. – Alexander of Macedonia, also known as Alexander the Great, finds himself in a dead end in front of the city of Tyre. Instead of backing up, he builds a bridge (1km long) and succeeds to enter and subjugate the city.

49 year B.C. – Julius Caesar, after winning against the Gauls and conquering U.K. he transformed the political war into civil war with only one goal: invasion over Italy. Afterwards, Caesar becomes one of the most powerful dictators and supreme power during that time. He built and invented things we weren’t able to understand hundreds of years later on.

1804 year – Charismatic French General (Napoleon Bonaparte) pronounced himself as a king and stepped foot to conquer Europe. He succeeds to conquer big part of Central Europe. He was imprisoned, exiled, but he managed to escape. The soldiers that were sent to arrest and put him back, instead of doing it, they surrendered their weapons before him and joined his expedition.

1961 year – One man decides that we are going to step foot on the Moon, even if back then the technology wasn’t able to support that journey. Eight years later, two men stepped on the surface of the Moon and looked down on Planet Earth.

Also, 200 years ago we didn’t have railroads, 100 years ago we didn’t have planes, 50 years ago we didn’t have spaceships, 25 years ago we had no internet! We already settled on Planet Earth, and we will soon conquer the stars, and that’s a fact!

If someone stands our way, he/she/they will be eliminated on one way or another!

Here is more on the method of survival and perseverance. Take a look!

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