THIS Speech Of The Year By Steve Harvey Will Give You A BOMBARDMENT Of Inspiration!

“All you have to do is jump!”

Steve Harvey recently shared his truly inspirational words… he is so right about what he says. Otherwise he wouldn’t have over 40 million views in 3 days!

You will feel it on your own skin because every word feels right!

Watching this video gave me bombardment of inspiration! I’ve personally found myself in a spot where I have to jump off that cliff of life. I’ve done it a year ago. On the way down I found myself in an extraordinary place where every problem just feels solvable. Not that it’s easier… it just feels right to have problems. They are no longer here to stress me and cause disturbance, but they feel like an obstacle for growth.

I don’t know if we reach the destination and touch the ground with it, but flying in the sky with our parachute (talent) open, feels like heaven!

You just have to find your gift and throw yourself off that cliff!

Share this video and inspire your friends! You know they need it!

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