“Fed Up” – The Exposed Video That The Food Industry Do Not Like You To See

Horrifying things happen around the food industry in the world!

We are not aware that the products we are surrounded with, even those “green” healthy snacks on the rafts are destructive for our health.

The food masterminds include incredible tactics to grab our attention. Not to mention that companies that predominately use red, like Coca-Cola, want to be considered powerful and compassionate companies. Yellow, which is used by companies like McDonald’s imply a happy and fun experience.

Usually the choice you make is rarely yours. The commercials all over your heads and the psychology behind the colors of the products have a giant role in your choice. However, let’s get to the real deal, the actual point of this video.

Scientists boast on sugar is getting vast attention, and it’s for the sake of our health.

There are 600.000 food items in America and 80% of them have added sugar.

“Your brain lights up with sugar like it does with cocaine or heroine. You’re gonna become an addict.”

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