INCREDIBLE Hard-Hitting Speech to AWAKEN Humanity by Hugh Laurie and George Clooney!

What if the world is trying to give us a hint that what we are doing is not really working in the grand scheme of things? What if we are simply too arrogant to notice these signs?

We are fighting ourselves, arguing about who is right and who is wrong, who has more who has less, who is offended, who is neglected, killing and destroying everything in our way and then, we hide behind the billion distractions and superficial pleasures we have manufactured for ourselves. For US!

US! US! US! That’s all we care about, US! Animals? Who cares about animals meat tastes good. Global Warming? Who cares about global warming my home is safe for now. Pollution? I don’t care I want to drive my freaking car! And then, when we cross the line of no return, well then we will put on our victim roles we have trained for so long to carry.

But Nature doesn’t care only about us. Nature is following a Universal law. We are simply too small to stop The Universe just because something satisfies our senses. Nature is still fair, it gives us chances to awaken, to change our ways. But if we don’t change soon, we will undoubtedly sink.

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