Right And Wrong Ways For Couples To Sleep Together

Away from the ladies that have short hair (and don’t care) long hair might be a bad dinner for your sleeping partner, especially in the spoon position.

By keeping  the hair away from the partner it will make him more comfortable amid rest. You can tie your hair or keep it away, so your partner is not eating all your hair. After all, he is not a cat, right?

When the boys are holding the lady cradle in your arms, make her feel comfortable and do not try to “cop a feel”. She doesn’t want to be put in an ‘awkward’ position. The purpose of cuddling is to feel comfortable, instead of getting up in the morning with severe pain in your neck.

If you sleep with a baby in your bed, let the baby sleep between you, in the middle.

If your lady likes to move far, FAR away from you on the edge, let her do it. Don’t be creepy partner and sneak up on her right after she does it. This will give you both a good night sleep, and who likes a creep that doesn’t allow space? That means it will give you a healthy relationship.

If you have a lovely pet and let them sleep with you, make them sleep at your feet, or else they will act like “ruler of the 7 kingdoms” and occupy the entire bed.

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