Science And Doctors Reveal: Do This Every Day And You Will Be Healed Of Every Disease!

Let’s get some things straight!

Being healthy is a combination of healthy mind and body. You’ve probably heard tons of stories of a man eating healthy all his life and suddenly died of a kidney failure, heart attack, or even worse, cancer…

Imagine your body as a fortress that’s being attacked ALL the time! And this is literally what’s happening every second. Your body must be armored with the nutrition and commands you give to it in order to defend itself. We all know what’s going to happen if you keep yourself stressed and fed with junk food…

For now let’s cover the physical parts we can do to stay healthy, vital and heal every disease: (backed by science)

– At sunrise and/or sunset, when the sun is closest to the earth, stand barefoot on the earth and look directly at the sun for 10 seconds. Every day, 10 seconds are added and some sun-gazers eventually reach a duration of 44 minutes!

– Drink water without fluoride. Natural spring water should be the best choice. Harnessing the solar energy from the sun to purify (disinfect) water from a lake or stream into safe drinking water. It is much simpler than you may think. Here’s how

– Exercise outside on fresh air every day. This is one of the best methods for detoxification.

– Take a deep fresh breath of fresh air in the morning and evening for at least 20 minutes.

Go to sleep between 10 PM and 2 AM. The body secretes hormones during that period. Track the sun rhythm too.

– Consume fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

– Remove artificial sweeteners from your diet.

– Don’t drink alcohol, chew gum or drink and eat canned food and drinks. Don’s smoke as well. ( except for the gum, the other is kinda obvious!)

 Always be positive and wear a smile on your face. It will accelerate secretion of therapeutic hormones.

– Don’t speak or act negatively about yourself or others. Act healthy!

– Be forgiving – this rids you of hatred and anger which have negative effect on the secretion of hormones and damage our overall health. Forgive others to help yourself.

– Mental disease can be treated with raw plants and sun.

– Consume fresh fruits and vegetables and eat a small amount of previously soaked almonds or walnuts. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily alongside two tablespoons of powdered fresh linseed.

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