Matt Damon And Many More Celebrities Lead All-Star Plea To STOP Monstrous Dog Slaughter In China!

What kind of monster brutally traps a dog, hangs it, burns it… and eats it?!

I mean, dogs have energy. You can sense their presence, or the moment it comes right in your lap after work. How can someone take that, kill it, and eat it?!

It’s a good thing we have awakened people in Hollywood that can influence this monstrous thing.

Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening… and this campaign is made for that particular reason!

Let me remind you with few pictures:

They brutally caught the dogs (look at them, even filming it!)


Up to 10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats a year are slaughtered and eaten for the Yulin festival but growing pressure from animal lovers both inside and outside China has seen its popularity dip sharply. A survey last week found most people even in Yulin oppose it.

They killed them with no mercy AT ALL


Dogs were being sold by weight at 15 RMB (£1.55) per 500 grams while one trader was offering a litter of two month-old kittens at 20 RMB (£2.07) each.


Vendors wear aprons as they hack with meat cleavers at slaughtered dogs. Ten million dogs are eaten in China each year!


Please, I don’t want to show any more of these images, as I have to choose and upload myself…

It’s not about being Canadian, American, Indian… it’s about being Human!

The Compassion Project PSA enlisted a ton of celebrities including Matt Damon, Joaquin Phoenix, Sia and Alyssa Milano for a tearful plea to China, hoping to put an end to a Chinese dog eating festival.

To stop it, share this video and raise awareness! We can stop this horrifying act!

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