McDonald’s FINALLY Admits What’s Inside Their So-Called “Burgers”. Yuck!


Today is a good day. And now you probably ask yourself why?

Well, because McDonalds’s finally admits what’s in their burgers. I really think that we’ve all heard rumors about the disgusting things McDonald’s puts into their food, and many of us (including me) think that’s true! From the pink slime to the mechanically separated meat, the fast food restaurant is finally admitting to what’s actually in their food, after mounting skepticism continues to rise.

And, in order to fight their critics, the fast food chain has launched a PR campaign called “Our food. Your Questions.” to give customers an unprecedented look at exactly how their food is made. While the company denies they use “pink slime” in their burgers, there are some questionable other ingredients that will make you shake your head. You can take this for example – the company admits to using the chemical additive azodicarbonamide in their buns, which is the same substance found in yoga mats.

Note: you’ll be “shocked” when you find out that the company insists that adding rubber to the food is quite safe:

“There are varied uses for azodicarbonamide, including in some non-food products, such as yoga mats. As a result, some people have suggested our food contains rubber or plastic, or that the ingredient is unsafe. It’s simply not the case. Think of salt: the salt you use in your food at home is a variation of the salt you may use to de-ice your sidewalk. The same is true of ADA — it can be used in different ways.”

You should also know that the company admits to using dimethylpolysiloxane in their food, which is used as an anti-foaming agent in their McNugget frying oil.But, you’ll be surprised, when you find out that their patties are “100% beef”. Their chief brand manager insists that customers should “not judge us before you know us.”

And, I really think that if anyone watched “Super-Size Me” knows the toll that this kind of “food” can have on your health. And, can you do me a little favor – just take a look around the next time you enter McDonald’s, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. While they claim these yoga-mat buns are safe for consumption, I think I’ll stick with eating whole foods.

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  1. Vilhelm Black

    December 8, 2016 at 9:38 AM

    IF you’re dumb enough to eat fast food, you deserve what you get.

  2. fuel

    December 8, 2016 at 4:55 PM

    you know, I have worked in retail for a long time, and usually the store was always understaffed, unorganized in complete disarray with mild functionality thanks to the few employees and managers who gave a shit. however the day the company president or any other event happened, we doubled the staff, everyone was working and prepping to make this crap-tier store look amazing for that one day.

    McDonalds is no doubt a sponsor of ABC and therefore this show, and the corporate elite tend to work WITH each other than against. McDonald’s started this “ask us” campaign, then hired ABC to do this behind the scenes at a scheduled time with its most loyal suck ups.

    REAL journalism would involve an unscheduled HIDDEN camera.

  3. Rob

    December 8, 2016 at 10:14 PM

    Fuel – I totally agree! Good comment!!

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