74-Years-Old-Woman That Looks Like 30 Revealed The “Fountain Of Youth”. Here’s What She Said…

Do you want to drink from a fountain of youth? If you feel aged, you probably do. With the present dynamics of living we often forget about growing old or aging or our health in general.

Can this be helped?Can you get back to your ‘youthful beautiful you’ without spending fortunes on expensive cosmetic products and treatments as you get on in years?

The simple answer is: YES! You only need to do something more meaningful to make yourself look much younger, to prevent wrinkles from (re)appearing or your hair from turning grey.

We often read about this eternal search for the fountain of youth and wonder if it is really possible or it is just an old man and woman’s fond hope. Well, here’s a living example of undying youth.

A woman called Annette Larkins from Miami-Dade Country, Florida, is in the picture you see. How old do you think she is? Take a closer look at her now! You say, about thirty or forty, right?

Well, you aren’t even close! The woman has reached her 70-ties! And she is certainly healthy!

What’s your secret? -we asked. Revealing her secret she started with this statement:“Don’t ever use any kind of modern medications or pills, not even an aspirin pill!“ Hmm…You will probably find this very unusual, as she actually comes from a family with bad genetic disposition.

Both her mother and grandmother succumbed breast cancer at their middle age. Her mother was 47 and her grandmother only 36 at the time. She also mentioned her grandmother’s sisters who had died from cancer untimely, at a young age. To make things even worse, diabetes too runs in her family.

Then she continued her story. “My nutrition, my diet of life,is the key to my good looks,” she claimed. After already enjoying a vegetarian diet, 27 years ago, she decided to take things a notch up – she became a raw vegan! From that point onward her daily meals come exclusively from her inside and backyard garden- The Fountain of Youth, as she calls it.

She is passionate about growing organic fruits and vegetables which she waters with the rainwater she collects. You can find leafy greens, herbs, a banana tree, berries, hydroponics for cucumbers, lettuces and wheat grass in her well-trimmed garden.

All the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds she picks up from her garden she eats raw or prepares tasty natural juices each and every day. The benefits are extraordinary. Her life is proactive even at this ripe old age:she is up at 5.30 in the morning!

She is full of assets: she speaks 3 languages; she has an extensive library and spends much of her time reading or making her own clothes. Her daily errands don’t tire her much. She says she still has an abundance of energy especially since she started her raw vegan diet.

Annette doesn’t look her age, so when people see Annette and her husband in the street or in the supermarket they think she is actually his daughter or even granddaughter. Her husband Amos isn’t as much healthy and upright as she is.He suffers from diabetes and is on pills for his high blood pressure. Now he is regretful for not adopting her raw food diet himself years ago.

Annette’s gain from her raw vegan diet is fabulous.  She isn’t only young at heart, butshe looks young too.

Basically, a raw diet means eating healthy raw products. Nothing manufactured or processed in a factory.Just use your juicer or a blender and drink to your health.

Annette is not a sole person that reaped so many benefits from raw diet. Raw vegan diet has helped many people overcome and avoid diseases such as allergies, asthma, constipation high cholesterol, cancer, etc.

Moreover, Annette’s exceptional looks and lifestyle have made her a real star in the raw vegan diet community. So far she appeared in many television talk shows where she described her daily nutritional routine.

So, this amazing story is certainly inspirational in many ways and listening to it will make you rethink your diet plan.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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Originally taken from Daily Mail

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