Secret Footage: Here’s What Kind Of MONSTROUS Treatment They Receive In Apple’s Chinese Factories!

The BBC’s Panorama programme sent undercover reporters to Apple’s Pegatron factories on the outskirts of Shanghai, where it claims to have uncovered horrible treatment of workers and a breach of standards on workers’ hours.

The BBC report alleged that workers fell asleep during 12 hour shifts on the iPhone 6 production line and were made to work 18 days in a row after repeatedly being denied requests for a day off.

Apple senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams has responded to the allegations in an email to staff, saying both himself and the chief executive Tim Cook were “deeply offended by the suggestion that Apple would break a promise to the workers in our supply chain or mislead our customers in any way”.

“We know of no other company doing as much as Apple does to ensure fair and safe working conditions, to discover and investigate problems, to fix and follow through when issues arise, and to provide transparency into the operations of our suppliers,” he said.

Apple employs around 1,400 manufacturing workers in China.

Originally taken from: Telegraph

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