Oxymoron: Be Careful What You Share On Facebook, The Feds Could Be Checking You Out!

All Facebook users sit tight because some federal agents are trying to reach you as your friend and gathering your information’s as a part of there duty. Isn’t this shocking news?

U.S. Law enforcement agents mean federal agents are following the rest of the Internet world into popular social-networking services. They are undercover with false online profiles to communicate with suspects and gather there private information. This agent offers a tantalizing glimpse of issues related to privacy and crime-fighting. When you get a friend request ask yourself “Do you know him?” Think again. Your new “friend” just might be the FBI. May be he is not but need to be careful.

The thing that bats my eye is the news itself. Governments own the news, and as previously exposed facts they tell the ‘news’ what they should say, so this is a bit of a oxymoron: do they really want us safe, or want us all under one umbrella where they can have the ‘all seeing eye‘ on the screen?

The feds are online since the beginning of the internet, and they are surely are on Facebook too. I honestly believe they caught a lot of lawbreakers online, but the fact that privacy no longer exists shakes my spine, to be honest.

So if you ever think that you are “not” being watched or listened to, make sure that you have your online electronics away from you, especially communication through social networks. Not only feds are watching, but hackers can enter your stuff and I bet it’s a piece of cake for some of them…

All I am saying is to keep your private stuff away from the connections with the world. They are private for a reason, aren’t they?

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