You Will NEVER Find Out The Truth About UFOs and Aliens. The Reason Behind It Is Clear As Day!

Most people that clicked this link (this is my guess) want to find the truth about aliens.

Well, today I will grab only a tiny slice of the pie: aliens.

2012 survey by National Geographic found that 77 percent of Americans think that aliens have visited Earth. But so do people believe in God and other holy deities, yet, they’ve never seen nor met one.

The truth about this, let me say, fragile things, is that they can never be fully exposed to the public.

I have read hundreds of articles, if not thousands, about aliens, UFOs, crop circles, and what so not… I even published a lot, but I’ve never seen the mainstream media, or watched a video of the president saying: We’ve met aliens, or extraterrestrial life bla, bla, bla… No. And I never will. The reason? Let me explain.

Information’s as such, that I believe with all my heart that are true, like extraterrestrial life, and “aliens species visited earth”, will never go public.

Thousands of people around the world have seen unusual flying objects, or even seen extraterrestrials, but they can never go public with this. The mainstream media is smart. They make fake videos, and then prove them to be fake, and say: here you go, this is what she/he/they saw. The hell, even a journalist for CBS News told they’ve been ‘narrated’ what to say!

And believe me, as much as they are corrupted and what so not, they do this for the sake of the world.

Imagine the thoughts of a person that has no elastic mind. Now imagine when he/she truly finds out that there are extraterrestrials out there, or even worse, in here… The whole world will go nuts!

That’s why information’s like UFOs and extraterrestrial life are better to be in the shadows. Yes, we deserve to know better, and to know the truth, but under we, there are lot of people who just couldn’t handle the truth. The world will go chaotic.

Another survey says that 60% of the world STILL doesn’t have internet… do you really think 4 billion people will filter out aliens, and yet, they don’t know what is internet?! No man, I wouldn’t risk it…

The point is to have faith, unless you’ve seen some with your own eyes. I am 100% sure I saw unidentified flying object 5 years ago, and I personally believe they do exists. In fact, I am 100% sure of it. But that’s just me.

I even plan to ask that question to my new employees in the future: do you believe in aliens, ufos, and extraterrestrial life?

I really need open minded people around me. I don’t need stiff-minded individuals. I need people wanderers, explorers, thinkers, inventors. But again… that’s just me.

Off the record, aliens is still considered faith, and that is something completely up to you, whether you believe they do exist or don’t.

And if you ever plan to apply to my next business, make sure you do believe in aliens!

If you still don’t, promise me that you will read at least some of these:

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