“Earth Has Shifted”- Inuit Elders Issue Grave Warning To NASA And The World [VIDEO]

It’s highly noticeable. The world is definitely warmer, and has a lot of natural changes, but I cannot say they are the “good changes.”

Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic Cape Verde type hurricane, the strongest observed in the Atlantic since Wilma in 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds. It did enormous damage. Not to mention the 2017 Central Mexico earthquake on 19 September 2017 with a magnitude estimated to be 7.1 and strong shaking for about 20 seconds. It caused enormous damage, leaving 310 people killed, 273 of which in Mexico City and surrounding areas, and more than 4,600 injured.

And it all connects with what the Inuit people say.

The Inuit people and their ancestors, living in the Canadian Arctic regions, Greenland and USA, were all experts weather forecasters, because so much of what they did depended on the weather, sunrise and sunset.

NASA received a warning from the Inuits, that warning is about climate change, but it isn’t because of global warming, it’s due to the Earth shifting!

They claim that the Earth has shifted on it’s Axis:

“I don’t know everything, but I really notice and observe changes occurring in the atmosphere. I’ve lived here all my life and have also watched the sun. Where it rises has not changed much, but the sunset has shifted way over. Perhaps the earth has tilted on its axis.”

Inuit Elders claim that the sun has been rising in a different position and that their daylight hours for hunting have been prolonged for about 1 hour.

They quote:

“I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I do know the sun used to set close to the highest mountain peak. After the shift, the sun now sets past the highest peak.”

“We’d go to the floe edge by dogteam, leaving early in the morning. We had to arrive at daylight in order to catch seals. We had an hour of daylight. Today we have a 2 hour window to shoot. This change is noticeable. The daylight is a lot higher on the horizon.”

The Inuits also noted that not only the sun’s position has changed, but also the moon and stars, and they all have an effect on temperature and wind which makes weather prediction harder.

Watch the video bellow:

Originally inspired from White Wolf Pack

Image source: Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts



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