Ex MI5 Agent Gives Real Shocking Reasons Why She Thinks Princess Diana Was Murdered

Ex MI5 Agent Annie Machon speaks out, she also blew the whistle on MI5 & MI6, regarding some of their sinister or unjust practices.

Fast forward to 2 mins 40 seconds to hear exactly why she believes Diana was murdered.

In effect what this agent is saying is that apart from possibly being pregnant with the baby of a Muslim man , Princess Diana was about to show her support for Palestine and that this could simply not be allowed.

Please share as more people need to hear the testimony of this brave former MI5 Agent.

Here is a timeline of how Diana and the passengers died on the night of the tragic accident.

0025: The Mercedes crashes into the 13th pillar of the Alma tunnel, killing Mr Paul and Mr Al Fayed. Mr Rees-Jones and the princess are seriously injured. Photographer Romuald Rat arrives within seconds – he is the first on the scene.

0026: First call to the authorities. Emergency doctor Frédéric Mailliez is driving by when he sees the crashed Mercedes. He is the first doctor on the scene and calls for help.

0028 – 0030: First two police officers arrive. They have difficulty cordoning off the accident from gathering paparazzi.

0032: Fire engine and ambulance arrive. Eight paparazzi are arrested at the accident scene and taken in for questioning.

0125: After nearly an hour, Princess Diana’s ambulance leaves for hospital. She has already suffered a cardiac arrest.

0130: Mr Al Fayed is pronounced dead.

0155: Princess Diana’s ambulance stops for five minutes to inject adrenaline into her body.

0206: The ambulance arrives at Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital. Doctors note that she has torn her pulmonary vein, a rare condition that begs little chance of survival. She receives open heart massage for nearly two hours.

0400: Princess Diana is declared dead.

There are so many things wrong for me with this timeline. Why did it take so long for an ambulance to get there? What were they doing for a whole hour under that bridge? What really happened when they stopped for 5 minutes?

Were they simply making sure she was dead?

Now watch what she says in this interview.

Makes sense now?!

Originally inspired from Educate Inspire Change

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