Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” In RARE Footage – The Shocking Power We All Possess [Video]

Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and color.

The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world – known as an Aura – is a scientifically proven fact.

The Chinese refer to this energy as ‘Chi’ (pronounced Chee), the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing. Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians and chakras – of all living forms, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Chi has been written about and studied for over ten thousand years, from China and Japan to India, the Hawaiian Islands and South America.

Chi is the energy of life itself, recognized as the balance of Yin and Yang (male and female, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy), which flows through everything in creation.

Chi is at the foundation of many health and fitness practices such as Massage, Yoga, Martial Arts, Reiki, Feng Shui and Acupressure. (source)

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One of the many Qi Gong Masters:

Master Zhou Ting Jue is Qi Gong healer that believes by harnessing the energy that surrounds us all he can produce over 200 degrees of heat… from his hands!

History channel went to visit master Zhou to see if he’s a real superhuman, or just another trickster.

Master Joe was schooled from the age of 7 in the ways of Qi Gong by his uncle, a Taoist Monk. He believes he can channel the invisible force through his hands that can heal every disease. In fact he said “There is no limit what harnessing this energy can do.”

So is Master Zhou another trickster, or is he a real superhuman?!

Let’s see…

Take a look at the video:

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