Russia WW3 Weapon: Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray In The Hands Of Vladimir Putin?

New details are emerging about Nikola Tesla’s rumored “Death Ray” technology being in the possession of Russia. Declassified FBI documents reveal that the technology actually exists and was hidden from the public after his death.

In the 1930s Tesla reportedly invented a particle beam weapon that some, ironically, called a “peace ray,” says Lauren Davis at io9. “The device was, in theory, capable of generating an intense targeted beam of energy” that could be used to dispose of enemy warplanes, foreign armies, “or anything else you’d rather didn’t exist.” According to the official version of events all these years, the Death Ray did not actually exist. But the declassified documents now suggest otherwise…

Published after 73 years of being kept from the public, the declassified documents vindicate conspiracy theorists. They claim that many of Tesla’s innovations were far ahead of his time but were suppressed by the mainstream scientists.

According to Sputnik News, Russia has developed a unique radio-electronic weapon to disable enemy drones. The device will soon enter service with the Russian Armed Forces. This is according to a United Instrument Corporation (UIC) spokesman.

Natsionalnaya Oborona (National Defense) journal editor-on-chief Igor Korotchenko revealed that the test unit uses ultrahigh frequency impulses to disable aircraft electronics. Similar to the effects of an EMP burst, it renders them useless in a combat environment.

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Russia Unveils New Weapon, Based On Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray?

“With its effective range apparently not exceeding one kilometer, this weapon may be used against UAVs flying right above the battlefield,” Korotchenko also added that similar weapons were currently being developed not just in Russia but also in the US and other countries.

Alexander Perendzhiyev, a military political analyst said that the weapon can be used not just against aircraft but against all systems with microelectronic elements. The new weapon is especially effective when used against devices with hi-tech microelectronic systems frying their circuits.

According to Your News Wire, there are currently no details suggesting that Nikola Tesla’s death ray was the basis of the new Russian weapon. There are many who believe that the famous inventor created weapons of mass destruction. However the majority of Tesla’s work involved those for domestic use. Most notable these is the Alternating Current or AC.

For now, the declassified FBI documents reveal nothing except that the death ray is in fact real and not just a figment of imagination. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice President, Henry Wallace, mentioned in the declassified FBI records as having advisers discuss “its effects.” One these includes those dealing with the wireless transmission of electrical energy.

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Sources used: Morning News USA, Your News Wire, Sputnik News

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