The Psychology Behind Who Says ‘I Love You’ First In A Relationship [Video]

Three words, eight letters and a whole lot of make-or-break relationship moments. Saying “I Love You” has strengthened and doomed relationships for generations. Along with getting together and divorcing, the official admission of love is a major relationship milestone.

The hard part is that someone has to say it first. Saying it at the same time is a cop-out, even if both the partners mean it.

A recent article from ‘Psychology Today’ pulls together loads of studies into the psychology behind why people say it, what it means to be the first to say it and why it’s better to sometimes wait before pulling the trigger… so to speak.

The video bellow from Business Insider condensed all this information into an easy to digest format; this is what we learned about saying the big three words.

According to psychologists, what makes people hold back is the fear of the feeling not being reciprocated even if there’s evidence to suggest that your partner actually loves you.

Sources: Business Insider, Look, Psychology Today

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