Mars Isn’t Just Dust And Rocks! People Found These 7 Disturbing Things In NASA’s Images

While exploratory cameras trained on Mars have yet to snap any pictures of little green men, they’ve recorded a number of strange happenings.

Here are 7 of the spookiest things seen on the red planet.

Number 7 – A spoon. Though created through geological activity, this feature’s resemblance to an eating utensil is tough to deny. Adding to its creepiness is that it inexplicably seems to be floating above the rocky surface.

Number 6Mystery woman. Some believe this figure is a cloaked alien ghost. Others say the form is a statue by a long gone advanced civilization. There are also some who believe the woman is nothing more than a random patch of dirt.

Number 5 Crashed UFO. More specifically, a downed craft that resembles the Star Destroyer from Star Wars. Of course, what the object is remains unknown, but believers do offer assurances that if it is indeed a fallen vessel, there likely weren’t many casualties or injuries. At an estimated width of 9 feet, only 2 to 3 passengers could have fit inside.

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Number 4Marshenge. Just like Stonehenge, the rocks are arranged in a circular pattern. The gathering could have appeared as a result of eons of winds and erosion. The structure also could have been built as a burial site for those who ruled Mars as the planet’s livability rapidly waned. Verdict is still out.

Number 3A mermaid. To some the object looks like little more than a rock outcropping. To one group of space enthusiasts the formation looks a little too much like the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen to be a coincidence. They theorize ancient Martians may have once colonized Scandinavia.

Number 2A helmet. If the object were ever found to be actual headgear, there would be some rather chilling implications. One, of course, is that there was once a life form on Mars that had a head. Another is that the entity felt the need to protect it, perhaps from enemy combatants.

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Number 1 – Pyramid. At about the size of a car, the pointed structure doesn’t offer much competition to the massive, similarly shaped tomb complexes in Egypt. That is, of course, unless the rest of the Martian building is buried beneath the sand. The question remains if ancient Egypt colonized Mars or vice versa.

Watch The Video Bellow:

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