Can You Pass This 8th Grade Test From 1912? Me Neither!

For most of us, grade school was quite a while ago. We like to think that we remember a lot of what we learned, the basic math, history and science. Maybe we even remember some of our early foreign language classes. But, if you had to take a test on the information that you learned back in grade school, how well would you do?

Well, you can find out below by taking this 8th grade test from 1912. It was recently discovered in Bullitt County, Kentucky and is now online for the world to see. Be warned: it is far more difficult than you would expect. It’ll make you glad that you were not in this 1912 class.

So, how did it go? Pretty intense, right? You can find exactly how you scored by checking your answers here.

Originally taken from Wimp

Via: Bullitt County History

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