Her Husband Disappeared During WWII. 60 Years Later She Got The Shocking News

Peggy Harris of Vernon Texas, searched for answers to the disappearance of her beloved husband during WWII. What she discovers is both heartbreaking and relieving to her all at the same time…

Billie was an America fighter pilot and married Peggy six weeks before he went over to France to fight the Nazis. He fought to liberate France in the months leading up to D-Day. No one in his family knew what happened to him, until a few years ago.

Peggy Seale Harris, on the other side, waited over 60 years to find out what happened to her husband. But after more than 60 years, the mystery surrounding Lt. Billie Dowe Harris’ disappearance was finally solved and what she learned was truly remarkable!

A true love story:

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