James Gilliland: First Documented Validation of Large Wave of Energy Hitting Earth Now

We’ve been sharing information about a Large Wave of Energy hitting Earth this week and have continued to research for anything that will substantiate it. On 19th of December, Dutchsinse published this video with a link included to MIMIC TPW microwave imagery that may be the first substantiation that there is a large unknown energy hitting Earth.

Read all the information that’s included in the description of Dutchsinse’s video. The BP he is talking about is the source that James used to send out the previous Magnetar Emails.

Watch, hold space, double check your preparedness (water, food, heat, candles), meditate on aligning with the energy for activation in your Highest & Best Spiritual Good.

Stay out of Fear.

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Source: ECETI

Via: Galactic Connection

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