In Only 6 Minutes, Stunning Timelapse Video Reveals How Humanity Took Over The World

The Black Death. The Second World War. The Industrial Revolution. The invention of modern medicine. Major events like these have had huge impacts on the world’s population of humans, which at the time of writing stands at 7,464,316,000 people.

Considering that our species emerged from sub-Saharan Africa no more than 200,000 years ago, this is one hell of a jump. To visualize the spread of humanity across the globe, the American Museum of Natural History has produced a stunning timelapse video to help you visualize it.

From the Mongol conquests to the arrival of Europeans in the New World, it reveals just how much of a difference major flashpoints in history had on our proliferation. With all the huge drops, sudden plateaus, or massive spikes in the global population, it’s difficult to pick a particularly shocking moment!

Watch the video bellow:

Originally written by Robin Andrews and published on IFL Science

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