What Is Your Biggest Fear According To This Ink-Blot Test?

What are you most afraid of in the world? There are many scary and unsettling things found all over the place, but only one of them qualifies as your absolute biggest fear. It’s that singular thing or feeling, maybe it’s an idea or a thought, that is capable of instilling real dread in your soul.

No one really likes to admit it, but at some point in life we all face the fact that we truly fear something. Even though it’s completely natural, we instinctively avoid and repress any thoughts of it. That’s just part of our human nature but it’s actually healthy to have and experience fear, at least in small doses.

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What isn’t healthy is to not face up to our fears. Rather than shove them deep down inside or completely block them out, we need to identify and expose them. That way we can analyze and better understand what it is we fear, which is what this ink blot test will help you to achieve! It uses different forms of projection and basic psychology to asses what your darkest fears may be.

In the end, how you view and interpret the abstract images is highly revealing. Take it now to see what your perceptions say about what your biggest fear in life is, and let us know if you agree or disagree with the results. Enjoy!

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