The Chilean Government Just Released RARE Footage Of UFO Hovering The Skies

We’re always interested in seeing new evidence of extraterrestrial life, but this nine-minute clip captured by the Chilean Navy in November 2014 is groundbreaking. After studying the footage for two years, they’ve finally released it to the general public.

The mysterious video was captured on November 11, 2014 by a Chilean Navy helicopter on a routine flight. While on the north coast just west of Santiago, a technician noticed a strange object in the sky. Moments later, the pilot and an experienced Navy Captain observed it as well. However, nearby air traffic controllers confirmed that no other aircrafts were in the area. They also could not detect it on radar.

For the next two years, various agencies studied the video. Although many theories have been put forward, none can explain what the men saw. As far as CEFAA, the Chilean organization responsible for investigating UFOs, is concerned, it’s officially an unexplained object.

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To make things a bit easier to digest, the nine-minute video has been broken down into a series of shorter clips. Here, you can see the unidentified object hovering in the sky.

As the object moves, it lets out a large plume of an unidentified substance, which it then detaches from completely at 0:33. The Navy Captain described the object as a “flat, elongated structure.”

Just before it flew out of sight, the object omitted one last expulsion. Because of the way the plume hovered in the air, experts believe that it must have been made up of smoke or gas.

Below is the full nine-minute clip from that day. To learn more, check out investigative reporter Leslie Kean’s extensive report at the Huffington Post.

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