An Elderly Dad Gets Yelled At By His Son. What The Father Does Next Moved Me To Tears

Parents. They help us, love us, and care for us, so why do we treat them horrifyingly? We may be mad at them, but deep down, they will always love us and care for us, so we might as well do the same.

Here are 7 steps that show you how to treat your parents right:

1. Think about it. You can’t compare anybody to them. Yes, on days you may feel like saying “I wish my mum had Angelina Jolie’s lips,” but you don’t really mean it, even if you think you do. Parents are the people you should love a lot in your life.

2. Be communicative. A nice, simple greeting like “Hello,” “Hi,” or “Good morning,” will brighten their day. You don’t have to say “Salutations, paternal and maternal units,” and even though this may make them laugh, deep down they just yearn for an “I love you” from you.

3. Remember that if you sacrifice one thing for them, they will sacrifice another million for you. Keep that in mind and you’ll love them even more.

4. Take care of them, mentally and physically. If they are feeling sick, make them some chicken soup and give them a box of tissues, and if they’re feeling stressed, give them a massage and chat to them about the good things in their life.

5. Write/text/email things to them every day, about how much you love them. Call them up at work to say hello and check how they’re doing. Parents love nothing more than talking to you.

6. At your school, show them off and think how lucky you are to have two great parents. Invite them to plays, talk to them about parent/teacher conferences, you can even help mum join the PTA in your school.

7. Finally, just love them a little bit more every day! Keep a love meter to tell them how much you love them. On their bedroom table, have a piece of paper and a meter, and color it in a little more each day, until it’s full. Then write “I love you so much, it can’t fit on this paper.

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This is a beautiful reminder of what truly matters in life. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when we get caught up with cell phones, our busy schedules, appointments, family activities and so on. But this video really moved me.

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Forgive, love, and move on.

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