This Crow Stares At A Stick… 8 Moves Later? Scientists Are Shocked Beyond Belief!

More than 30 million crows fly around the U.S., but the black birds may be among the least understood animals. Now, a research shows insight into their soaring intelligence and surprising warmth, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.

A crow’s brain is the size of a human thumb, huge relative to its body, putting their intelligence on par with primates and allowing them to solve complex problems.

The PBS series “Nature” showed an experiment where a crow was given a puzzle that involves 8 different pieces that the bird is able to see individually. The bird is then shown all the pieces together in one area, and the bird must then figure out how to use all the pieces to retrieve a stick that can reach a piece of food.

This experiment shows just how intelligent these birds are.

Check this out and prepare to be amazed!

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