Donald Keyhoe, The US Major That Warned Us Of Interplanetary War – UFO’s Are Real!

This video shows us the moment Major Donald Keyhoe exposes the truth on the UFO subject and states that UFO’s are real. He is a true patriot and was one of the pioneers in exposing the cover-up by government agencies.

“There probably were at least a 100.000.000 inhabited planets in the universe.” – Dr. Howard Safly

In 1956, Major Donald Keyhoe co-founded NICAP whose goal it was to stop the secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It became the largest and most prominent UFO research group in the US. Former CIA director Hillen Koetter and other military officers and prominent scientists like James McDonald were in ts board of directors.

Major Keyhoe sought congressional hearings, and in 1958 he made efforts to use Senator John McCiellan’s committee to start public congressional hearings regarding the UFO mystery. All his attempts were blocked by high-ranking Air Force officials.

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In 1958 Keyhoe was invited to join a live broadcast on CBS-TV. The Air Force officials tried to use this broadcast to manipulate the minds and hearts of the American public, which there was no truth in the UFO phenomenon. But they never anticipated to the fact that Keyhoe would use this opportunity to speak out on the UFO subject and publicly state that UFO’s are real. Keyhoe tried his best to take the truth to the American public.

Keyhoe releases some interesting details on the United States military and how they handle reports of UFO sightings. He sums up the different theories explaining UFOs, how the government is covering up certain sightings and how this could lead to interplanetary war.

Major Keyhoe put his job on the line to speak out on the subject. This was the reason he was ousted out of NICAP in 1969.

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