Watch: Morgan Freeman Call Out Monsanto & The U.S. Government For Destroying The Environment

Actor Morgan Freeman has decided to use his fame for more than just narcissistic selfies on social media—instead, he’s pushing for revolutionary change.

With global bee populations rapidly declining, it’s easy for wealthy celebrities to ignore the rapid decline of our ecosystem for a life of isolated indulgence.

With 90% of our global food supply coming from crops that can only exist if bees pollinate them, it’s imperative that we all contribute something to stop this catastrophe.

Although it’s often true that the rich get richer and the greedy get greedier, Morgan Freeman is an exception to the rule.

As if converting his 124-acre ranch into a bee sanctuary wasn’t enough, Freeman is using his famous million-dollar voice to speak truth to power.

During an interview on Larry King’s show, Freeman was asked, “Would you blame Monsanto for making RoundUp or the government for their lax rules on pesticides?”

Freeman responded: “Both—there’s been a frightening loss of bee colonies, particularly in this country…to such an extent that scientists are now saying it’s dangerous.”

See After: Morgan Freeman Changed His 124 Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary To Help Save The Bees

Then, to emphasize his point, Freeman compares humanity’s abuse of the bee ecosystem to canaries in coalmines.

“You know like the canary in the mine,” said Freeman, “Methane gas builds up in coal mines, and because the canary’s respiratory system [operates] so rapidly, [the methane gas] would kill them first, and you’d know to get out of the mine.”

Indeed, canaries were exploited, and often killed, just as a means of letting coal miners know whether or  not there were deadly levels of methane gas present.

“That proliferates around the planet,” Freeman continued, “when the canary dies, you’re in trouble. We got thousands and thousands of species of animals that are disappearing because of what we are doing.”

Watch Morgan’s Powerful Interview Below:

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