She Shone Her Flashlight In The Dark… And Saw The Most Incredible Thing [Watch]

If you’re a parent, the idea of adding the care and feeding of an animal to your responsibilities might feel like too much work. But having a dog, cat, bunny, hamster or other animal as a part of the family benefits kids in real ways.

Studies have shown that kids who have pets do better — especially in the area of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which has been linked to early academic success, even more so than the traditional measure of intelligence, IQ.

Even better news is that unlike IQ, which is thought by most experts to be unchangeable (you can’t really change your IQ by studying), EQ can improve over time with practice. Animal friends can help kids do that by cultivating the very skills that lead to better Emotional Intelligence. (And pooches and kitties aren’t even trying; it just comes naturally.)

The following EQ skills are developed by children with pets:

1. Compassion

2. Self-esteem

3. Cognitive development

4. Stress reduction

5. Understanding the cycle of life

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The story:

“Hope For Paws got an urgent call from Lisa Chiarelli about an injured dog. Her friends told her they followed the dog for two hours until it collapsed in a dark alley. Jennifer and Dax Grooms sat with the dog until I arrived. When they shone her flashlight in the dark… they saw the most incredible thing…”

No matter how we call the energy guiding this earth, the creator of this earth, it gave us something precious… it’s called a DOG.

If you have a dog, this will be the best video you’ll watch today!

If not, you still have time to buy one life companion!

Watch: After Watching This Video You Will NEVER Look At Dogs The Same Way Again!

Sources used: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel
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