11 Fake Before & After Photos That’ll Prove Most Selfies You See On Instagram Aren’t Real

Did you know that looking at social media too much actually makes you more depressed? Everyone posts the most perfect version of their life on social media, which can start to make you feel like you aren’t having as much fun, or looking as thin and fit. Before you let it dampen your day, just remember that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

In proof, bloggers and fitness models from all around the world are posting what appear to be before and after weight loss photos, but really they were taken just seconds apart. The goal of this series is to promote body positivity by changing the ways we view “perfect bodies.” As these pictures prove, there’s no such thing as a perfect body, just people that are really good at posing.

1. “Same girl, same day, different pose reminder that our bodies look different in different angles and that it’s perfectly ok, normal and natural”

2. 3 Second Ab Transformation!

3. 30 seconds transformation photo

4. “These photos were taken 2 minutes apart! Don’t stress about the way your body looks in certain positions”

5. Same girl, same day, same time

6. Same girl from different angles

7. “These two photos were taken 12 hours apart, left before bed and right when I woke up.”

8. “There was only 3 minutes between these photos, I just changed the lighting, did my hair, put on undies that flattered me and changed my pose”

9. “Neither of these pics have been edited. They were taken about 30 seconds apart.”

10. 20 hour transformation

11. “Me 1% of the time VS 99% of the time. Taken just seconds apart”

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