Man Isolated Himself In The Arctic For 20 Years. What He Reveals Inside This Cave Is Mind-Boggling

Tim Linhart, from New Mexico, USA, filled the magical frozen concert hall in Luleå, Swedish Lapland, with instruments made entirely from ice!

He carved his first frozen instrument sitting on top of a mountain around 20 years ago and says he became enchanted with the idea of making more from the second he first played it.

He said: “I plucked on the wires and I heard the sound coming out from inside the instrument.

And I was so excited by what I heard that I put on my skis and skied all the way down to the village and told them what had happened to me and how excited I was.

They pretty much thought I was a kook.

Well, on that day I sort of had a dream – a vision of what could one day become. Welcome to my dream.”

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Incredible footage shows inside the latest magical frozen concert hall that shows off Tim’s life’s work.

What you’re about to see is mind-boggling!

Watch The Incredible Footage Bellow:

Source used: The Sun
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