The Awesome Omega Male: What Makes Him Better Than The Alpha

Most of us have heard of an alpha male, but do you know what an omega male is? This type of guy doesn’t get much attention, but he’s awesome anyway.

Usually when we think of the male species, we think of strength, competition, domination, and leadership. However, there are many kinds of guys who don’t fit into those stereotypes. Because of this, they don’t get talked about very often.

Types of males

Not all men and not all women are the same, although society would like to make us think so. Therefore, it’s really important for all of us to get familiar with the different nuances that make people more unique, regardless of their gender. So, let’s talk about two of the basic types of males, according to mainstream society.

#1 Alpha male. The alpha male is your stereotypical “cave man” kind of guy. He wants to stand out in a crowd and be the one who everyone pays attention to. He must be the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and just the overall best. In a word… he’s competitive to the max. Think of a pack of wolves. The “top dog” is the alpha male.

#2 Omega male. Unlike the alpha male, the beta male avoids risk and confrontation. In fact, they have a bit of a distaste for the alpha males. While they can have a confidence similar to the alpha male, they don’t need to be the center of attention.

They are just content to not be the one who stands out, and they don’t have a need to compete with other males to be the best.

Characteristics of an omega male

Unfortunately, humans pretty much revere the alpha male. For example, who is the best and most popular player on a football team? The kicker? No. The quarterback. He is the leader of the team. He is the brains behind all the plays. Everyone knows the quarterback’s name. But does anyone know the kicker’s name? Probably not.

That’s sad. And I’m not just talking sports here. Because alpha males are the center of attention, and that’s all a lot of people pay attention to. But the omega male has some awesome qualities as well. So, let’s take a look at some of these things that make an omega male someone you want to get to know. They are…

#1 Introverted. Typically, the omega male is somewhat of an introvert. Unlike his alpha male counterpart, he doesn’t need to be the life of the party. He doesn’t need all the attention on him. In fact, being in a crowd or the person everyone is paying attention to drains his energy.

Instead, the omega male prefers to be alone a lot of the time. He recharges when he is in his own element, rather than out among people trying to prove that he is top dog. He simply has no interest in that.

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#2 Laid back. The alpha male is extroverted, charismatic, and the life of the party. But the omega male is much more laid back and even-keeled. He doesn’t get riled up very much. He just lets things roll off his shoulders and isn’t in the mindset to “fight” for anything. Instead of making waves, he would just rather shrug and walk the other way.

#3 Gentle. Because they’re not as dominant and seemingly testosterone-filled as the alpha male, they tend to be more gentle in relationships. They might be the guy who rubs your shoulders after a hard day at work.

Or he will cuddle with you on the couch and watch your favorite movie. He has a soft side, and that’s pretty attractive in a romantic relationship.

#4 Kind. The omega male is not busy trying to show off and be “the man of the hour,” so he is a little more focused on other people. If you need someone to help you move, you should ask an omega male.

He will help you not because he wants to be seen as the hero, but rather because he is kind. He will help old ladies cross the streets and oooh and aahhh at babies. How cute is that?

#5 Empathetic. If you’re seeing a pattern here, you’re right. Being empathetic means that a person can identify with what someone else is going through. And it goes beyond sympathy *feeling sorry for someone*. Instead, the omega male has a much better ability to try to see reality through someone else’s eyes. This is not a quality that many alpha males possess.

#6 Prefer deep relationships. An omega male will not have a ton of friends. Because he is introverted and prefers to spend a lot of time alone, he will likely not have a long list of friends on his social media accounts *if he is even on social media*.

He likes long, deep conversations. He prefers trustworthy, life-long friends who he knows he can count on. Anyone else is just an annoyance to him.

#7 Wants to work on his own. The omega male will have friends and close acquaintances, but he likes to work alone. Whether it’s in his profession or on a more personal level, he doesn’t like to belong to a clique or a group. Since he doesn’t have a desire to be the leader or to stand out, why bother belonging to a group?

 #8 Not much of an ego. An alpha male is really concerned with how everyone else views them. Because of that, they always want to pump up their ego. This includes boasting about their accomplishments and anything related to that. But the omega male doesn’t care.

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They might still accomplish just as much as the alpha male *or even more*, but other people may never know. He won’t announce it on Facebook or Twitter. And maybe he won’t even tell his closest friends. He doesn’t need the recognition or notoriety to pump up his ego.

Both the alpha and the omega man has his redeeming qualities. However, because we live in a culture that highly values ultra-masculine traits, sometimes the omega male gets overlooked.

This is a shame, because as you can see from this list, an omega male can be a great person to be friends with, be married to, or just to have as a friendly neighbor.

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Just because someone doesn’t stand out in a crowd doesn’t mean they are any less important. An omega male is an awesome guy, so keep your eyes out for one instead of just passing him by.

Originally written by Dr. Carol Morgan and published on Love Panky
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