The Great Pyramid Of Egypt EXACTLY Marks The Center Of Earth’s Landmass

The Great Pyramid of Giza has been a source of fascination for architects and historians for years.

Thousands of years after its creation, experts are still no clearer on how an ancient society managed to construct such a complex and gargantuan monument.

It has been estimated that the Great Pyramid is comprised of around more than two million stone blocks, each weighing between two and fifty tons.

How could these rocks have been quarried, transported and positioned with such precision prior to the invention of crane technology and the wheel?

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However, the sheer architectural feat of the Great Pyramid isn’t the only mystery surrounding it. It appears as though there is a geographical mystery at the heart of the mysterious structure as well.

According to experts, the Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure ever created by human beings. It is said that the pyramid faces true north with a mere 3/60th of a degree of error. It is assumed that when it was initially raised that it was precisely aligned with the North Pole, the position of which has shifted slightly over time. But this isn’t even the most puzzling aspect of the geographical positioning of the pyramid.

In 1877 the writer and theologian Dr. Joseph Seiss happened upon an incredibly strange detail about the pyramid. He found that it was located at the exact intersection of the longest line of latitude and the longest line of longitude in the world. Another way to put this is that the Great Pyramid is located at the exact center of all of the Earth’s landmass.

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In his book, “Gospel in the Stars,  Dr. Seiss went on to comment on this highly unusual positioning. He said that it revealed a ‘faultless knowledge of the structure of the universe’. He explained that in order to place the Great Pyramid so precisely that they would have had to know the:

“… form and weight of the earth and its relation to and distance from the sun, the true length of the solar year, the number of years in the precessional cycle, the average temperature of the habitable world, together with the multitudinous cosmical facts and mathematical formulas and proportions.”

He went on to say that scientists in his aged were dwarfed by the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians, and indeed, scientists are still dealing with that extraordinary reality.

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