This Is A Video EVERYONE Needs To See! For The First Time In My Life, I’m Speechless…

“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… This is one of the most vital messages that everyone needs to hear.

‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

Performed and directed by Gary Turk, this shows an extremely important life lesson for people of all ages, especially the youth. We are growing up in a world where we don’t play outside or communicate with our friends. It seems today everything we do is by text message or over the internet. It’s really heartbreaking… I feel guilty in my stomach.

“I don’t want you to stop using social media or smartphones. It’s about finding a balance. It’s about making sure you are awake, alive and living life in the moment; instead of living your life through a screen.” writes Gary.

We need to spread this message as fast as we can…. everyone needs to see this!

Please do your part and SHARE it with everyone you know!

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