This Is What A 98-Year-Old Does With Her Time, And It’s Heartbreaking

This lovely old woman is Mary Tony and she is 98 years old. The American lives alone in a small house and tries desperately to pass the time. It’s a warm Summer’s day, green leaves blow in the wind, birds twitter, and neighbours chat on their terraces. But Mary is stuck in her house.

Therefore, every day, a little bus stops before Mary’s door and takes the friendly woman to the local senior center. There, she can forget her usual depressing life for a few hours. But, this time her visit is different because there is a camera team on site. As the cameras film Mary, she is excited laughs sheepishly.

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In the center, they try to do everything so that the retirees have a good time. “I hope, that if they go home and the next day they don’t come because they’re no longer here, that their last day was full of joy,” says an employee from the senior center. When the camera team asks why she considered her job so important, she simply says: “Because they’re still living. They’re no different than when they were younger.”

When the bus picks up the seniors again, one can see the sadness in Mary’s eyes. At home, she is lonely and all by herself. But the camera team pushes further and wants to know exactly what Mary does when she gets home…

Watch the Heartbreaking Video Bellow:

Source used: The Open Mind
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