This Man Lives Inside A Gas Station With His Son, But Watch When You See Inside

Robert Guthrie had his eye on an old gas station for some time before he was able to buy it. When he asked his son what he thought about living in there, he thought Dad had gone crazy. But that was before Robert got to work on converting the gas station into his dream living space.

From the outside, it still looks like an old gas station but when you take a look inside… holy cow! Robert transformed the space into a stunning two-story loft!

Located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the gas station from 1918 had served as a furniture-building shop and a jewelry-making studio before Robert bought the property and put his plans into motion.

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The incredible loft pays homage to its history with cabinet handles made of car emblems, sconces made out of car headlights, and a staircase landing made with an original hydraulic lift. But it also has some gorgeous modern amenities, such as a rooftop deck and a Jacuzzi tub!

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