Major Turn-Offs For Each Of The Zodiac Signs…

When it comes to dating and relationships, every sign in the zodiac has certain things that they find to be a bit of a turn-off.

For some signs, they can be repelled by things like poor hygiene and really gross habits. Where as for others it can be things like arrogance or an obnoxiously big ego.

So lets take a look at some of the most common turn-offs of each of the signs, shall we?

Aries turn-offs: manipulators, control-freaks, overbearing personalities and anyone trying to change them.

Aries are free and independent thinkers who run a mile in the opposite direction if they sense that somebody is trying to infringe upon their freedoms. They get easily turned-off by control-freak types and can’t stand anyone trying to “mould” them into something that they’re not… Aries aint changing for anybody!

Taurus turn-offs: constant complaining, acting like a drama queen and lying directly to their face.

Taurus tries to ignore petty bullshit in life and just steamrolls ahead regardless. So they can find it beyond tiring and a real turn-off when their date turns out to be an overly dramatic whinge bucket that complains about everything. And since the Taurus is all about loyalty they also can’t stand liars, cheaters and backstabbers of any kind.

Gemini turn-offs: party-poopers, negative nancies and people who try to hold them back.

Gemini doesn’t see the point in getting into a relationship if it’s not going to at least be FUN. That means, if you’re party pooper just looking to shut down their every idea they’ll tire of you fast. If you’re never interested in doing anything even remotely spontaneous and interesting with them, they’ll get bored and find someone whose a bit more, well, exciting.

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Cancer turn-offs: arrogance, selfishness and being unwilling to compromise.

Cancer looks for a partner with a certain level of empathy. So, when they encounter arrogant and selfish personalities they can be left with a pretty foul taste in their mouth. If you’re the type of person who is always unwilling to compromise, chucking tantrums whenever things don’t go your way, then the Cancer wont be impressed at all.

Leo turn-offs: constant negativity, selfishness and patronizing behavior.

Leos don’t wanna date somebody that’s going to constantly kill the mood and bring them down with negativity. The Leo is optimistic by nature and they find naysayers who just pick holes in every idea to be a real turn-off. They crave excitement and prefer people with a “can do” attitude that can compliment their desire for adventure. They’re also turned-off big time by arrogance, patronizing attitudes and selfish individuals who think only of themselves.

Virgo turn-offs: bad hygeine, gross habits and lazy slobs.

If you leave your dirty, stinkie, uncleaned clothes all of the floor, don’t expect the Virgo to happily clean it up after you. They find slobbish behavior and gross habits to be a royal turn-off. They look for a partner that is independent in their own right and that has their shit together.

Libra turn-offs: overly confrontational people who start drama for no damn reason.

Libra just doesn’t have the time, willpower or desire to put up with people that thrive on pointless conflict. They’re more of a mediator and peacemaker by nature so those that just love a fight for the sake of a fight will seriously rub Libra the wrong way. If you constantly blow things out of proportion and and make an issue out of nothing then the Libra aint going to be impressed.

Scorpio turn-offs: dishonesty, unfaithfulness and straight up disloyalty.

Scorpios find themselves helplessly turned-off by dishonesty. They hate being lied to and are known for having trust issues. If you’re sketchy with them and prove to be untrustworthy then they can be quick to cut ties before things go any further. They just can’t be with somebody that they can’t even trust.

Sagittarius turn-offs: boring repetitiveness, deceptive liars and controlling personalities who bark orders at them.

The Sagittarius gets turned-off by boring repetition and people that constantly talk about the weather. They also can’t handle compulsive liars and those that constantly play mind games. And they’re totally repelled by anyone that barks orders at them like they are some kind of slave. They love their independence and trying to boss them around is a surefire way to distance yourself from them.

Capricorn turn-offs: obnoxious, self-absorbed show-offs with over inflated egos.

The Capricorn isn’t impressed by self-aborbed types who can only talk about themselves. Nor do they care for the dumb stunts of attention-seeking show-offs. Capricorn not only find these sorts of characteristics to be eternally boring but also a massive turn-off.

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Aquarius turn-offs: being too clingy, demanding and needy.

Aquarius gets turned-off FAST by super-clingy types that constantly make demands. They’re eternal freedom seekers and even in a committed and loving relationship, they’ll always need their space to breathe. If you’re expecting them to be at your beck and call 24/7 then you’ll have zero chance with ’em!

Pisces turn-offs: closed-mindedness, mean-spiritedness and bossy behavior.

Pisces are creative and open-minded dreamers who have a very abstract way of seeing the world. They get seriously turned-off by closed-mindedness and they absolutely cannot stand bossy know-it-all personalities who try to belittle their ideas. You don’t have to agree with everything the Pisces says but if you can’t show them mutual respect then they wont stick around for long!

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