Study Suggests That Men Need To Get Drunk With Their Friends Twice A Week To Stay Healthy

Not once, but twice! A  scientific study has proven that men need to go out with their pub buddies and get buzzed twice a week to stay healthy!

The study was conducted by Robin Dunbar, a leading psychologist and a professor of Oxford University.

Meeting with friends twice a week greatly improves men’s physical condition and well-being, according to Robin Dunbar. Dunbar said that men experience positive benefits of a friendship and enhance it by meeting up and ‘doing stuff’ (play football or rugby or share a joke over a pint of beer) than talking on a daily basis.

Benefits of these strong male friendships include a stronger immune system, the release of endorphins, an overall decrease in anxiety levels, and (apparently) even higher levels of generosity.

“Bonds can be formed through a range of activities from team sports to male banter – or simply having a pint with your pals on a Friday night. However, the key to maintaining strong friendships is to meet up twice a week and do stuff with the four people closest to you,” Dunbar, whose report was commissioned by Guinness, told Daily Mail UK.

“When guys get together physically and more frequently with their mates, their friendships become stronger, better and a richer life results,” Stephen O’Kelly, from Guinness, told Daily Mail UK.

“Science is telling us to have more fun together and do more stuff. This is great news, for we must obey science,” the writer Danny Wallace told Daily Mail UK.

I know that it can be hard to leave your hand-rooted cellphones and have an actual conversation face to face, but hey, in case you’ve missed something up there just go and read it again!

Share this with your “pub buddies” and have a healthy night out, cheers!

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