The Girl Who Escaped From North Korea Tells It All…

I knew North Korea was severe dictatorship, but what I just heard in the video bellow is WAY above the boundaries of normality… even for a severe dictatorship.

A young girl named Yeonmi Park has managed to escape from North Korea and has spoken out against the fierce dictatorship.

She hopes to spread awareness and shed a light how horribly the North Korean government treats its people.

You’ve probably heart that the North Korean government engages in heavy censorship, blocking civilians from having access to the internet and has only one government controlled TV station. People were being executed for receiving phone calls from abroad, or watching a Hollywood movie…

“We aren’t free to sing, say, wear, or think what we want,” Yeonmi says. “North Koreans are being terrorized today.”

Yeonmi’s words are beyond shocking. I truly appreciate what I have after watching this… Freedom is everything.

Please raise the awareness of the terrible regime by sharing this!

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