The Way You Do These 7 Things Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

Let’s face it. Life can be repetitive. Like characters in the movie “Groundhog Day,” we do certain things over and over. And once we stop thinking about them, they become habits.

Take replacing a roll of toilet paper, for example. Every time the toilet paper runs out at my office, I always install the new roll in the same direction. If someone puts it the other way, I flip it around to the direction I think is “right.” But until now, I’ve never thought about what says about me.

Well, it turns out our habits reveal a lot about us. Here are seven common habits that point to our true personality.

1. The way you sleep

If you usually sleep on your back, congratulations! It means you’re a relaxed person. People who sleep on their back are often comfortable with themselves and have a healthy sense of self. They’re ready to take on new commitments and to take in new information. However, if they stick out their arms and legs, they might be arrogant.

Sleeping in the fetal position or with your legs pulled up to your stomach is a sign that you’re anxious or feel unsafe. You feel better knowing that someone is backing you up and protecting you in life. On the other hand, if you sleep on your belly, you’re a “take charge” kind of person. People who sleep on their stomach enjoy taking control of situations and think their opinions are the best. And because they aren’t good at taking criticism, they can be stubborn.

People who sleep on their side are analytical and reliable. They adapt well to new situations and easily overcome adversity, according to Lady Life Hacks.

2. Your handwriting

Has anyone complained that your handwriting is small and difficult to read? If so, it could mean that you’re a bit shy. On the other hand, people whose handwriting is large are outgoing and charismatic. If you don’t leave much space between letters, it often means you love being around people, writes Tip Hero.

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3. The way you drive

Have you noticed that some people hold the steering wheel with only one hand? These people are usually cool and relaxed drivers. However, people who drive with both hands on the steering wheel and put them at 10 and 2 o’clock tend to strictly follow traffic laws, writes Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About us.

4. The way you email

I never would have guessed, but according to Business Insider, a person’s email behavior can reveal a lot about their personality. People who use words like “I,” “me,” or “mine” often in their e-mails are often self-centered. Another email style that says a lot about personality is how you organize your inbox. If your inbox is filled with unread mail, you’re probably a bit nervous and might even have anxiety. People who read their emails and delete them after they’ve answered them love to be in control and enjoy things being orderly.

5. Your eating habits

There’s always someone at the office who has plenty left on their plate after everyone else has eaten every crumb. According to the Huffington Post, this person is often someone who knows how to appreciate things. They take it easy and don’t like to rush. However, eating slowly also indicates that the person has a poor appetite.

Conversely, people who eat quickly are impatient and often feel like they have a lot to do. And eating too quickly can be bad for your body.

6. Your cravings

Do you love chocolate? Then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Chocolate lovers are emotional, flirty, and dramatic. And according to MSN Wellness, a lot of feminime women and macho guys are chocolate lovers.

People who crave citrus fruits are concerned about their health, but also have a tendency to be anxious. And that’s perfect, because citrus has a calming effect. The same article states that people who like pungent or spicy food pay attention to detail and are appreciative.

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7. The way you replace toilet paper rolls

Have you realized that when the toilet paper runs out in your bathroom, you always place the new roll in the same direction? Well, there’s a reason. An article published on Business Insider revealed a 124-year-old patent that shows how toilet paper inventor Seth Wheeler intended toilet paper rolls to be hung. The correct way is for toilet paper to unroll from the top so it doesn’t hang below the roll.

According to relationship expert Gilda Carle, studies have shown that people who hang toilet paper rolls so the paper comes out at the back and from the bottom are humble and sometimes even think of themselves as being inferior. People who install toilet paper so it tears off at the top are more dominant.

It’s always interesting to learn what our habits reveal about us. Share this story to let others know the hidden meanings behind their habits.

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